Our classrooms are filled with singing, laughter, and learning! They are busy learning – but more than just their ABCs and 123s! They are learning about each other, their families, and ways to be a good friend. The ability to accept others and feel compassion for one another is an important part of our children’s development and education. The weekly themes will include activities to help the children develop kindness and compassion for others.

Just 2’s

Two-year-olds are learning to be comfortable away from home and in a small group setting.  While they explore their own feelings of independence, they also learn that teachers are caring and predictable.  Planned activities such as reading storybooks, listening to music with others, and process-oriented art activities, allow children to explore with all their senses and strengthen their developing motor skills.

Almost 3’s

Teachers continue to help children develop positive attitudes toward small group settings.  Children learn to recognize each other, their teachers, and favorite stories by name.   Simple dramatic play props encourage pretend play, while building blocks help with shape recognition and spatial concepts.  Through gentle encouragement, children are helped to explore a variety of art materials, movement activities, and simple self-care routines.


Teachers in these groups help children grow in their understanding of their near environment, their relationships with others, and their positive attitudes toward school and learning.  This includes developing a larger vocabulary that includes basic science concepts such as weather, plants, and pet care, identifying feelings, and recognizing shapes and relationships.  As they begin to establish real friendships with other children, the teachers help them to develop an understanding of their own feelings and those of others. Teachers help children learn to follow directions, ask for help, solve problems, and deal with conflicts through positive guidance and support.


In the Senior groups, children are helped to further enhance their ability to make choices, develop plans, initiate activities, work independently, use more complicated language skills, and feel comfortable following routines and directions.   Teachers help them learn to interact and play cooperatively with others in larger groups through socio-dramatic play, more extensive block-building, complex table activities and group times, and a wider variety of art and music exploration.

Class Offerings

Just 2’sAlmost 3’sJuniorsSeniors
Must be at 2-years-old by September 1Must be 2-years old and potty-trainedMust be 3-years-old by September 1Must be 4-years-old by September 1
T & THT & TH