The Annual Fund

For over 70-years, First Presbyterian Preschool has been committed to nurturing a love of learning through play. Our powerful play-centered program allows children to use their creativity to build critical skills such as resiliency and problem solving that are essential to success in school and life.

Play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.

Mr. Fred Rogers

What is The Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a yearly appeal to our community – families, alumni, church members, staff and friends – to raise funds that bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the school’s operating expenses.

Why not raise tuition to cover expenses?

We are grateful for the tuition contributions from our families, which cover about 70% of our budgeted expenses each year, and for First Presbyterian Church, which offsets many facility-related expenses. Any private school that charged the full cost of educating its students would price itself out of the market; we want to ensure that our program stays accessible to families.

How much should we give?

Please be as generous as you can be… and THANK YOU! Your gifts to The Annual Fund support everything! The salary of your favorite teachers, new books for reading corners, paintbrushes for art stations, magnifying glasses for science centers, scholarships, new chairs, and much, much more!

How do we give?

Please mail your donation to the church office or contact Lisa Garcia, Finance Administrator to learn about more giving options.

FPC | 2050 Oak Street | Sarasota, FL 34237

  • checks made out “First Presbyterian Preschool”
  • earmark “Annual Fund Gift”
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