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About Us

PHILOSOPHY  |  It is our belief that young children develop their abilities best in a warm and loving atmosphere. We believe that each child differs from all other children in many respects, and each age has its own special needs and characteristics. Stages of development follow one another in an orderly progression, but this progression moves forward at different rates for different children.

First Presbyterian Preschool allows for the individuality of each child in order to build positive attitudes toward self, others, and learning. Children’s understanding of the world around them, and thus their intellectual development, is stimulated through play. Through play children expand their language skills, formulate theories, solve problems, and develop curiosity. In the Preschool children are presented with opportunities to choose freely among activities including creative art, language activities, science and nature, music, blocks and building materials, dramatic play, and others.

They are afforded many opportunities to develop decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

First Presbyterian Preschool strives to provide an enriching program in a Christian setting to all children, regardless of race, religion, creed, or national origin. Your child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being is of utmost importance to us.

GOALS  | Our goal is to provide each child with a healthy, positive early learning experience. In order to attain this goal, we will assist the child:

  • To grow in independence
  • To make decisions and choices
  • To develop self-control and self-direction
  • To learn to get along with and relate to others
  • To develop curiosity, thinking and reasoning
  • To learn compassion, respect and tolerance
  • To develop language skills
  • To develop an understanding of his/her physical world
  • To develop large and small motor skills
  • To build self-confidence and self-reliance by encouraging the expression of ideas
  • To develop the idea that the church and the school are safe and supportive places for children.